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Monotekktoni (Berlin) - official Label-Press-Info

She has released the albums "Tonfalle" (sr 005) and "How To Reduce Power Consumption To A Minimum" (sr 015). She has contributed to the series "4 Women No Cry" (Monika Enterprise) and "Berlin Insane" (Pale Music). She has intensified her cooperation with Renault Schubert and Betty la Gachette aka Film2 (Tinoc Tunez). She has toured and played and performed and performed. Now, implacable and unyielding, Monotekktoni speaks out again. "Love Your Neighbour? No, Thanks!" is out Friday, April 14, 2007.

It's heavy electronic listening and minimal music in one, it's ambient music and fat tracks, it's Slavoj Žižek in one corner and the Terminator in the other: Berlin-based artist and musician Tonia Reeh designs eleven views on the state of affairs, constructing them on a dense meshwork of floating harmonies and broken dancefloor, letting them shine with fractured beauty and great momentum. And she knows to ask the right questions. Hands up!

The furious heart. Monotekktoni will not wait. When the world around us is in flames, when things break and no one's surprised, when everyone watches and we can't look ourselves in the eyes, it's time for a firm slap or - even better - a blow straight to the face. An indifferent world keeps on turning, Monotekktoni won't. It may seem strange that this someone is alarmed, ranting and screaming about. But there's no time for euphony, for complaisance and well-tuned coolness filters. On the contrary: This is urgent! It's annoying and painful, because it's true. Monotekktoni is back as a super weapon, as the answer forestalling the question, as the eviction unit taking over your room.

Being Monotekktoni, she once more neither spares herself nor the few old machines around her. She distorts and overdrives, she charges, supercharges and ignites and lists and documents a lost world. She celebrates its decline as the decline of herself, until nothing is left but the roar and the noise, frenzy and silence. And laughter. Until nothing exists but rhythm and dance, screams and the girating body. And still: This body will be defended.

Monotekktoni will not wait. She assaults and becomes assailable, she is brutal and vulnerable, open and direct, tender and implacable. Love your neighbour? With all my heart! Though not for now, maybe.